"Pull love closely around you and snuggle into its bliss."



Welcome a space to connect back to you.

Often we forget what our own souls need because we are taking care of all of those around us.  


Bliss Space allows you the time, the community and commitment to this love, voice and inner knowing. I often hear in workshops, training as well as  in 1:1 sessions how clients want to be seen and want to have a place to share their ideas and thoughts with others who feel the same. 

This is it! 

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"Pull love closely around you and snuggle into the bliss."

- Cindy Ryan



Each month will have the same format for you to work through:


3 group zoom calls set at same time 

Daily text to set your day up

Monthly calendar

Journal prompts

Monthly dream-sheets and a goal set 

Meditations Guided by Cindy

Individual Monthly Forcast

There will be small ideas set for you throughout to keep you aligned and revived! 


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Just like you train at the gym, it is time to work out your inner self!