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Emotion Code therapy is a gentle and non invasive approach for emotional balance.  The focus is on finding the trapped emotions and releasing them.

Emotion Code

Emotion Code therapy is a gentle and non invasive approach for emotional balance.  The focus is on finding the trapped emotions and releasing them.  We won’t focus on the circumstances which caused the emotional imbalance.  Muscle Testing (kinesiology) is used to find these.  Your subconscious has been with your entire life.

Ways they can be trapped:

  1. emotions can be from past events and still causing issues today

  2. Your body can hold these negative balls of energy from abandonment, betrayal,  jealousy, shock and more

  3. These emotions can exert in physical pain or problems in your body

  4. From headaches to backaches to joint pains

Are you having trouble with weight loss?

First it is important to remove the process from weight loss to weight release.  If you are trying to lose weight, then you will find it again. There are many ways the emotion code can be used to support this process.  For example,  excess weight can be seen as “armour” it is a way to deal with negative energies.  It is a protection and your bodies response to bad memories.   When those can be released, the weight can too.

Looking for wealth and abundance?

Many people have energetic blocks to money.  They have been programmed from the time they were born that there is scarcity and they are in a lack mindset.  A lack mindset causes you to wish, to want, to chase and you will never feel like you have  abundance. A simple way to shift your energy towards money is working through your abundance blocks.

Clearing you heart wall.

We've all experienced traumatic or negative events in life. These negative emotions or memories get trapped in your heart wall and cause issues for years to come. A Heart Wall is automatically created to protect you but can hold you back. It's important to find and release your heart wall trapped emotions to heal and feel better!

Think of a heart wall is an emotional shield meant to protect you. When traumatic or negative events affect your heart, a heart wall is created. It's created to catch or block future negative emotions from harming you. Your subconscious creates the heart wall to guard against repeat offenders in your life. Your subconscious wants to stop further negative emotions from affecting you but it can go too far.

As time goes by, your heart wall can grow thicker and hold you back. I've found heart walls in myself and my clients. I'll ask questions like “how thick is the heart wall.” Or “is the heart wall made of .” Many times I'll find the heart wall is hundreds of feet thick! Made of concrete or plastic or straw. Your heart wall will shut you down and hold you back. You can feel victimized and introverted. 

Yes, a heart wall is there to protect or help you against further negative emotions. But too often the heart wall holds you back in ways you may not notice for years!