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Healing IS the New Hustle

“I just want to stop the rush and the hustle!” -Sound familiar? I hear this all the time.

By now, most of us have come to understand that being busy is not a badge of honour but few of us have the tools to slow down. Some of us are even addicted to being busy. If slowing down doesn’t feel feasible right now, why not get busy with yourself?

Let’s bring the soul stream to the mainstream!

I believe there are five areas of Self that are vital when working with an energy practitioner.

1. Soul Love - Also known as Self Love (This is our foundation)

2. Inner Child connection

3. Shadow work - This may sound daunting but this is a beautiful acceptance of our full selves

4. Energy work - Meditation and body healing

5. Connection to guides

True healing and working on ourselves can feel intimidating and consuming but, with the support of an experienced energy practitioner to guide you, this becomes a beautiful space for you. A space you will want to make time for. Your truest Self is revealed when we begin to discover the many layers we are composed of. A commitment to yourself will bring balance to your daily life.

Give healing a chance!

If you are interested in a unique and immersive program designed to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and spiritual insights needed to harness your energy, connect with your guides, and create a more aligned and vibrant life, register for my ‘Dear Soul’ or Guide to Self programs.

-Cindy Ryan is the owner of Blissful Intuitive, host of "The Girl Out There" podcast, consultant, mentor, Reiki master, Emotion Code practitioner and gifted in intuition, mediumship and energy alignment. Offering intuitively guided workshops, energy healing and one-to-one sessions worldwide and locally in North Vancouver, BC.

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