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We Do Not Awaken to Spirituality

We are connected to energy all the time. It is with us and within.


We do not awaken to spirituality, we come back to our connection to our spiritual Self.

Do you sometimes wish you had a guidebook that could help you navigate this thing we call life? Over the last 12 years, I have been welcoming myself back to true, divine connection. At the beginning, I didn’t even know I was doing it, it was out of pure survival-mode. I was leaving my marriage and healing from some traumatic chronic pain and I began to welcome in energy healing and discovered our chakra system. I also started working with a mentor, to open my own psychic abilities.

I kept these two systems separated for several years. Focusing on the chakras and energy work as one modality. While offering intuitive guidance and “unpacking” of baggage as a second modality.

As my practice grew and I was working and teaching all levels of energy, I saw the true relevance of how energy work was intertwined with my intuitive practice and every day I was asking up for support from my own ENERGY GUIDE team.

This has become the foundation of how I live and how I support others. Cycles in our lives will not end unless we begin to do the uncomfortable, ongoing and deep healing work. By combining a connected system between the 7 main chakras and the 7 main areas of the Soulful Connected self, true transformation will shine.

We here at BLISS have put together a 7 week in-depth program which aligns the 7 chakras with the 7 main areas of the Soulful Connected self. Learn more about 'Guide to Self'.

-Cindy Ryan is the owner of Blissful Intuitive, host of "The Girl Out There" podcast, consultant, mentor, Reiki master, Emotion Code practitioner and gifted in intuition, mediumship and energy alignment. Offering intuitively guided workshops, energy healing and one-to-one sessions worldwide and locally in North Vancouver, BC.

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