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Experience your life's true potential with intuitive guidance

  • 15 min
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST)


Let's chat for 15 mins to determine how intuitive guidance can help. This magic is to shed light on parts of you that you may have never seen in yourself or that have remained hidden for different reasons in your life. By opening yourself up to intuitive guidance, true change can occur within you.   During a one to one session, we will work on issues happening in the present moment as well as shine a light into your past. By looking at some of the files in the back your head (metaphorically) you will be finding your inner guide, bringing clarity and illumination to help you get what you want and know your true self. Discovery Session: Finding your unique access code is like discovering your personal phone number or energy calling card. Each of us has our own distinct identifier, a data point that allows us to connect with our inner selves and the universe. Once you uncover this access code, you gain entry to a realm of infinite possibilities and potential. It's a key to unlocking your true essence and accessing the abundant energy within you. 1: I will meditate for you before the session and connect to your Energy Guide Team asking for guidance. I will write before the session to collect data based on what your guides give me. I recommend you set an intention for yourself the night before and prepare questions for yourself. This is not a space where you need to hide information. If you are wanting to see if I can "guess" information, it will not work in your favour as you are actually setting yourself to remain closed. 2: We will come together either on zoom or in person to create a safe space. We will begin with a 2 minute grounding meditation to allow us both to feel more at ease in the session and in connection with the energy. 3. I will share the notes I have written and we will tap into the blocks to see what needs to be addressed immediately. I will develop an action plan for you with homework and a purpose plan detailed individually for you. DIVE DEEPER: You are ready to commit to your full vision and work with Cindy or one of her team members. Appointments are booked in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME (PST).

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling can be done within a 24 hrs of scheduled appointment.

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