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My name is Becky Carlsen. Fun fact: I was born in the Yukon!  We moved to BC when I was very young and I have been in the lower mainland ever since.  In High School I naturally gravitated to courses like math and science with success, so without much thought this  became my focus in University.  In my first year of University my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.  Then less than 5 years later, while I was working on my Masters my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer.   

My background and my degrees in science and experiences with cancer led me to getting a job in Cancer Research.Through personal experience and work experiences with cancer is where I felt  there was a need for more complementary therapies for people and their families going through these experiences.  I began taking courses in the chemistry of essential oils and their benefits, end of life doula training and deep into the work of reiki.  Energy healing is now a passion of mine and I look forward to sharing this with so many people.

Transforming Science into Healing: From Yukon Roots to Energy Healing Passion.

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