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Her greatest inspiration is assisting others in recognizing and embracing their personal strengths and trusting themselves to show up in their own life.

 She is ready to be a focused  light for individuals as they take responsibility for their lives and learn to implement small, sustainable changes.

Throughout her journey, Cindy has formulated her unique Energy Modality, integrating Talk Therapy with Energy Healing- Radiant Energy Flow. This energy approach allows individuals to become aware of their own pain, stress, grief, anxiety, and brings people back to a place of balance and intuition.


"Cindy's intuitive approach reaches solutions FASTER THEN THERAPY, offering deep insights and effective problem-solving. "




 I listen carefully to what my clients have to say, and together with the support with your energy guide team, we work to identify the best way to move forward. Whether you’re dealing with stress, relationship issues, or other life challenges, I am ready!

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